Sometimes your clients may have frequent questions that you can answer for them on your website. This is the location that you would do this in. I have created some sample questions that you may get. Please review these, add any you feel are appropriate, delete those that don’t apply and answer the ones that are listed that you feel are appropriate.
How many faces can you paint?
I can do at least 20 faces or small to medium designs per hour. My helpers can do at least 15 per hour and their rate is adjusted to match their ability.
How long will my art last?
  • Time for all designs depends on location, how oily your skin is, and if it gets rubbed.
  • Face paint designs can last up to 3 days without washing.
  • Airbrush tattoos can last up to 10 days. Note: drinking alcohol will make them fade quicker, sometimes very fast!
  • To make airbrush tattoos last longer:
    • Do not rub the area dry, pat dry only.
    • Apply baby powder or cornstarch to  the tattoo after swimming, bathing and before going to bed.
  • Glitter tattoos can last up to 14 days and take very little care. Simply pat dry and you are good to go.
  • Avoid putting lotion of any kind on your tattoos – oils will make them come off quicker.
How do I remove the face paints?

To remove face paint: rub liquid soap, such as shampoo, into the paint until it is loosened. Then, simply rinse or wipe away. Repeat if necessary, but dry the skin first. Really stubborn colour can be removed with makeup remover.

How do I remove a temporary tattoo?

Both glitter and airbrush tattoos can be removed with either baby oil (or any other type of oil) or rubbing alcohol. Lotion and sunscreen will also remove tattoos, so be careful not to apply directly to your tattoos.

Be aware that drinking alcohol will reduce the lifespan of your artwork!

Do you charge for travel?

Mileage is charged at a rate of $0.45/km both ways from my house or the home of my helper coming to your event. If there is more than one event in your area on the same day, I am happy to split the charge!

How can I book you?

Simply message, phone or text me and we can set up a date for your event. Please note, a deposit is required to hold your booking.

What kind of paints do you use for facepainting?

I use ProAiir Hybid paint for my facepainting designs, and ProAiir Ink for my airbrush tattoos. Both are made in the U.S.A. using FDA approved ingredients. They are specifically made to be skin safe, so I feel confident that they are healthy to use on my clients. Contact me if you would like more information on these product.s

What kind of products do you use for glitter tattoos?

I use Y-body or Moonlight glue designed for professional glitter tattoos. I find these brands work the best for me. They are both FDA approved and skin safe. All my glitter is cosmetic grade, so safe for your skin.

Do you only paint faces?

I will paint any part of the body you wish. Please note, that I DO NOT provide a privacy screen at events so it must be legal to expose what you want painted!


What do you need me to provide?

I have a complete mobile setup that can be adapted for indoor or outdoor conditions. A source of power is appreciated, but can be provided if necessary and indicated at the time of booking.

How can I pay you?

I take cash, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and eTransfer for payment. I can accept cheques under certain circumstances and must be discussed at the time of the booking.

Having an Event?

Body Bling is available for private functions, corporate events, fairs and the list goes on. If you can imagine the event, we can make it memorable.